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  1. Out of context

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    "The exhibition aims to challenge two most common clichés in art theory – the work ‘dies’ when out of the studio because it stops changing and that whatever is brought into the gallery space becomes art. By opening the exhibition's space for visitors during the buildup, the public is invited to observe the works without the status of the finished art piece or the artist as a mysterious genius. Openness, eagerness for dialogue and constant change will dominate the space of the exhibition prior and after the opening."


    Participants: Andrejs Lavrinovičs (Latvia), Saulė Noreikaitė (Lithuania), Katerina Sidorova (Russia), Debbie Young (United Kingdom), Amanda Ziemele (Latvia).


    Out of Context
    group show 
    Tallinn Street Quarter
    27.03. - 14.04.2019