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  1. Black warriors

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    If one accepts the dissonance in our impressions, whereby hell and paradise are merely the deviation of the frequencies of people’s own feelings from the norm, it is highly likely that I have already been in both places. In my opinion, without thinking in categories such as physical or mental suffering, there exists a gamut of suffering and exaltation, which is beyond the norm of everyday feelings, similar to the way in which ultrasound functions. The central figures in the Black Warriors exhibition are artificially created artefacts which could be perceived as my specific personal experiences, as well as a metaphorical reference to the frustrations caused by the processes in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s video games. The retelling of my personal experiences is not revealed to the viewer; therefore, based on Agnese Krivade’s poetic text accompanying the exhibition – one can sense the gamut of my feelings during this particular period of my life.


    Black warriors
    solo show 
    LOW gallery
    14.12. - 29.12.2018


    Photos: Andrejs Strokins