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  1. Chromatic disappointment

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    "The main exhibition of the festival is focused on the conditions of the photographic language and materiality in the age of post-truth providing photography as an up-to-date, critical, socio-politically important and continuously changing medium."


    Participants: Kasia Bielska (Poland), Inka & Niclas (Sweden), Steffen Kloster Poulsen (Denmark), Laura Kuusk (Estonia), Andrejs Lavrinovičs (Latvia), Lilia Limiyan (Russia), Reinis Lismanis (Latvia), Slava Mogutin (USA/Russia), Marge Monko (Estonia), Visvaldas Morkevičius (Lithuania), Maija Tammi (Finland), Irina Popova (Netherlands/Russia). 


    New Chic 
    group show 
    Riga Congress Centre
    09.05. - 03.06.2018